Recruitment at BCA

Date: 2024.03.26

Category: RPA

A Comprehensive Approach to Talent Acquisition


Here at BCA, we are always seeking to evolve as the tech industry advances significantly but we are  looking for advances in the most effective, innovative, and strategic corporate methods related to recruitment also. At the heart of our strategy is a multifaceted recruitment process, designed to identify and nurture talent that not only excels in technical skills but also aligns with our core values and team spirit.


Our journey to find the ideal BCA team member begins by exploring a variety of sources, including direct applications on our website, partnerships with educational institutions, and a highly effective internal referral system. A notable trend is the return of former employees, who left seeking other opportunities, but returned as they missed the atmosphere at BCA. This speaks volumes about our positive company culture and our supportive colleagues and leaders over mere compensation - last year 23% of new joiners were returning former BCA employees, this number is 16% in the last 3 years.



We have a multi-stage recruitment process that, although challenging – feedback from a candidate, who said it was harder to get into BCA than Google –, was developed with the idea of evaluating the candidate comprehensively, from professional and skill assessment, but the most important criteria are interpersonal skills and team fit, as it is easier to develop professionally , than in personality. Our conversion rate is 4 to 5% in a regular year.

We seek individuals who are not only qualified professionals but also team players, capable of contributing to our collaborative environment. The emphasis is on a balanced mix of technical skills, such as proficiency in modern technologies and methodologies, and interpersonal skills, including communication, adaptability, and a proactive attitude towards continuous learning and improvement.


Our culture is characterized by a strong team spirit, continuous development, and a feedback culture that promotes transparency and growth. We pride ourselves on creating a supportive work environment where every employee is valued and motivated to excel.

Recruitment at BCA is more than just filling positions, it's about finding the right fit for our culture and values, individuals who are not only qualified but also passionate about their work and growth. Our comprehensive approach ensures we not only attract but also retain talent that contributes to our ongoing success and innovation.


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