Nurturing Talent

Date: 2024.04.25

Category: RPA

BCA's Strategy for Employee Growth


In the constantly evolving IT sector, client demands are shifting more towards expertise and resource provision rather than just solutions. Here at BCA, our ethos is deeply rooted in delivering solutions with a difference – our people. This paradigm shift poses challenges, but for us, it represents opportunity, thanks to our dual commitment to professional and personal excellence. Here’s an inside look at our unique employee development strategy, where growth is not just a goal, but a journey. 

Imagine a BCA team, united not just by tasks but by a robust collaborative spirit. Each project is led by an exclusive point of contact, responsible not only for oversight but for nurturing the talent of each member. This internal partnership is amplified by our triad of support – professional, HR, and operational – strengthening the team and investing in our most significant asset: our people. 

To enhance this ecosystem of growth, we have established long-standing relationships with external instructors and coaches, a testament to our enduring commitment to quality education. We have maintained these partnerships for years, and they are continuously renewed, though we are always on the lookout for new collaborations to expand our extensive training portfolio for our colleagues. 


At BCA, "learning by doing" is a core part of our training philosophy. Beyond this practical approach, we offer an array of self-developed, two-day technical skill courses tailored for non-programmable IT roles. These courses emerged from a simple realization: theoretical methodologies, although sound good, often fall short in the practical world. Our solution? Courses crafted from the distilled experience of our seasoned professionals, incorporating methodologies, common pitfalls, and trade tools. Their real-world applicability has garnered praise, both within and outside of BCA. 

Recognizing the varying needs across different levels of experience, we also provide dedicated development programs/trainings for our senior staff. These one-day trainings are intensive sessions designed to refine and update the advanced skill sets required at this career stage. 


But growth isn’t just about technical skills. We foster an environment where knowledge is freely shared in smaller, focused sessions, responsive to individual training needs. Interpersonal skills are given equal prominence, with regular workshops and language courses that began with English and have recently branched into German, now catering to four proficiency groups. 

Professional development is just one facet of growth. Whether it’s to achieve a goal or for support with personal and professional challenges, our colleagues are met with support from our dedicated team of coaches and psychologists, ensuring that our employee’s well-being is always in focus. 

Our narrative is clear: at BCA, we don’t just help our employees grow, we grow with them. This commitment is the pillar of our reputation and the driving force that propels our team and clients towards a future of unlimited possibilities.  



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