Evaluation and Feedback System

Date: 2024.06.06

Category: RPA

How We Value and Recognize Our Employees' Progress in Career Progression


In today's corporate world, innovative performance evaluation practices and a culture of feedback are vital not just for the professional growth of employees but also for the strategic advancement of organizations. As companies strive to maximize talent satisfaction and retention, especially in the IT sector, the implementation of grading and feedback systems proves to be not only beneficial but essential.

BCA, aware of this trend, has developed a comprehensive grading system that evaluates and celebrates the progress and achievements of its employees. Based on quarterly performance reviews, our model incorporates feedback not only from within but also from our clients. We greatly appreciate the contributions received so far and are always open to suggestions to improve this process.


Our approach stands out by rewarding exceptional performances, with performance-based rewards linked to evaluation periods and the distinction of “Employee of the Year,” awarded to those who stand out as role models. The annual 'reverse evaluation' gives team members the opportunity to provide feedback to leaders, fostering a two-way dialogue and more effective leadership.

Furthermore, our annual employee satisfaction survey offers valuable insights into how BCA is perceived as an employer, allowing us to continuously fine-tune our organizational culture.

Our internal grading structure consists of five levels, with progressive steps, enabling employees to clearly visualize their career progression. These levels represent professional development, interpersonal skills, and work experience, with the possibility of advancement during evaluation periods. Pre-defined expectations for each evaluative aspect at each level are communicated through our professional evaluation form, and employees also have individual goals and development plans.

Salaries are directly linked to these ratings and are publicly disclosed, providing a transparent career ladder, which, according to our observations, is extremely important for IT-minded professionals.


In this context, we stand out for having this proactive initiative to cultivate a work environment where employee recognition and continuous development are priorities. This approach not only follows the best practices of the industry but also sets new standards for engagement and professional growth in the modern corporate environment. Thus, we position ourselves at the forefront, emphasizing the importance of a system that values and recognizes the progress of each employee, thereby contributing to a positive organizational climate and a more motivated team aligned with BCA's strategic objectives.


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