BCA recognised as USN Partner of UiPath

Date: 2022.02.16

Category: RPA

First on the Hungarian market to obtain the UiPath Services Network certification

Press Release // Budapest, February 15, 2022 - BCA Hungary has joined the elite club of UiPath, as the company is the only one in Hungary to receive the UiPath Services Network (USN) qualification, which also opens new market opportunities for the company providing automation services. The acquirement of the USN Partner qualification was preceded by six months of preparation and the experts of the Hungarian company had to pass several exams.


BCA Hungary is the first company on the Hungarian market to receive the UiPath Services Network certification from UiPath, who holds a leading position in the field of robotic process automation (RPA). BCA is now the most important Hungarian partner of UiPath, who started in Romania and now is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Obtaining the USN certification not only recognizes professional knowledge and performance, but also creates new business opportunities for the Hungarian company.

The USN program is an elite club of UiPath partners that brings together businesses that work with the company’s solutions, have outstanding expertise, and deliver serious business results. These companies can provide full RPA deployment, operation, and consulting services, so in markets where UiPath does not have its own consultants, these companies can support customers.


“To obtain a USN certification, our partners have to pass very serious professional exams and present quality references. BCA Hungary is our biggest partner in Hungary and by obtaining this qualification, they get special opportunities and professional support. It is a challenge for us even now and it is common at first contact with prospective clients that they are unaware of what RPA is. Despite this, the market for software robots is growing very fast, and we can roughly double the turnover in our region every year. The development is well illustrated by the fact that three years ago, when I joined UiPath, there were only 1,800 people working for the company, and now we have more than 4,000. The banking sector is an early user of RPA, but – among others - industrial enterprises, retail and wholesale companies, and healthcare organizations are also able to make good use of this technology, and more recently there is a growing interest from the public administration as well. I am confident that the expertise at BCA and their USN rating will bring them an even faster development in the Hungarian market, and for us as well.” said Stewart Oldroyd, UiPath's Head of Sales for Central and Eastern Europe.


“We considered it important to obtain USN certification for a number of reasons: on the one hand, we can now cover the full spectrum of an RPA project, and on the ither hand we have an unparalleled opportunity to get an even more comprehensive view of UiPath’s future developments. It was also excellent feedback on where we are at the moment. Few companies have a similar rating in our narrower region, we are the only ones in Hungary, but in Austria, for example, there are no USN partners, which creates even more business opportunities for us.” said István Takács, senior consultant and partner at BCA Hungary Kft.


Robotic process automation (RPA) is projected to be on a major upswing, with Gartner forecasting that the $ 1.5 billion market in 2020 will grow by well over 10 percent a year on average over the next few years. RPA produces very good results very quickly for rule-based processes that handle a lot of data or transactions with simple decision points and few exceptions. The possibilities are well illustrated by the fact that the software robots used at Air France-KLM's service centre in Budapest have returned more than 800 percent of the invested amount in a few years, and BCA Hungary, developing them, is already working for the airline's Dutch headquarters.


According to an analysis by IDC, commissioned by UiPath, software robots could already take over the monotonous, repetitive tasks of more than 350 million workers worldwide, mostly in the office, so that they can carry out higher value-added activities. In addition, according to a study by the research company, nearly 200 million of them work for companies that already have the technological conditions to implement such solutions. In comparison, however, IDC estimates that only 14 million currently work in jobs where a software robot also helps with the tasks.


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